Scalable automated crowdsourcing solutions

mailroom automation

Boost your business. By creating actionable data right when it enters your organization, you enhance processes, transparency and, in the end, your customer relationships.

tax forms automation

Boost your loan assessment process by combining automatic classification, extraction and crowdsourcing to capture and verify your data.

forms processing

Make use of automatic classification, extraction and crowdsourcing to verify data, handle exceptions and process more workloads faster and accurately.

2D bounding boxes

Super-human quality AI training data for machine learning at scale. Helping you turn your collected data into actionable training data.


Train your self-driving cars, security systems, drones and other computer vision applications to interpret images and videos correctly. Use datasets created by our crowdsourcing services.

Imagine being able to scale your business on demand. Imagine achieving stellar automation rates with greater ease than ever before. Faster, easier, super accurate data extraction and labeling is now a piece of cake with ScaleHub.

Your benefits

On-demand workforce

On-demand workforce

Handle employee fluctuations and workload peaks easily. With an on-demand workforce, you can bridge gaps in staff and scale your business as you go.
Save 50% or even more

Save 50% or even more

Reduce your manual data verification costs by 50% or even more and improve customer satisfaction by reducing cycle times.
Guaranteed 99% automation

Guaranteed 99% automation

By combining artificial and human intelligence, we guarantee 99% automation.
Minimal integration effort

Minimal integration effort

You don’t need to change your systems. Our cloud-based solution reduces your IT investment to an absolute minimum.

Satisfying regulatory compliance


Trusted by market leaders

“ScaleHub has brought our tax document processing solution to unprecedented levels of quality, speed and scalability. We now process tax forms in under 24 hours instead of 6 days. Our competitors are unable to keep up with our document processing speed.”


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