Automated forms solution

ScaleHub`s automated forms processing

Handle forms more efficiently and send the correct data in the right direction easily and in no time.
ScaleHub’s automated forms solution boosts your forms processes by providing artificial intelligence and an on-demand crowd community. The combination of human and artificial intelligence guarantees a fully scalable, faster, more accurate and cost-effective forms automation process.

Your benefits

  • On-demand workforce
    Handle employee fluctuations and workload peaks easily. With an on-demand workforce, you can bridge gaps in staff and scale your business as you go.
  • Guaranteed 99% automation
    By combining artificial and human intelligence, we guarantee 99% automation.
  • Reduced costs and cycle times
    Save 50% or even more of your manual data verification costs and improve customer satisfaction by reducing cycle times.
  • Minimal integration effort
    You don’t need to change your systems. Our cloud-based solution reduces your IT investment to an absolute minimum.
  • Protection of sensitive information
    By providing only snippets to the crowd and scrambling highly sensitive information, we ensure full security of personal data.

How it works

Structured forms – such as tax forms, census forms and insurance claims – are shared with our ScaleHub portal in your preferred way and format.

Your forms are classified automatically utilizing our self-learning technology. Exceptions, like unreadable or incomplete forms, are routed to a standard web-based, manual workflow and handled by your choice of crowd. When sent to a public crowd, all data is randomized into non-contextual snippets and verified in the crowd using a secure web browser. Highly sensitive information can be scrambled for full security or sent to a private crowd.

If complete documents should not leave your system, opt for ScaleHub’s local classification and snippeting solution. Exceptions are then routed to the crowd. All data is ultimately exported into your preferred location in the exact format needed.



Human-in-the-loop for super-accurate results

To ensure the highest possible accuracy of any information provided, we combine human and machine data extraction results. They can be compared and weighted, enabling you to attain super-accurate data.