Content Delivery Networks (CDN)


1. Description of processing
Our website uses various CDNs (Content Delivery Network), namely Amazon Cloudfront, a CDN from Amazon Inc. (Amazon), Fastly by Fastly Inc. (Fastly) and CDN77 from DataCamp Ltd. (DataCamp) A CDN shortens in particular the loading time of the website or certain content, e.g. by sending files from a very fast server that is as close to your location as possible. Amazon operates numerous servers in Europe (including Frankfurt am Main and Milan) to send our files to you as quickly as possible.

2. Purpose
The processing is done to shorten the loading time of our website.

3. Legal basis
The processing is necessary to protect the overriding legitimate interests of the person responsible (Art. 6 Par. 1f of the DSGVO). Our legitimate interest lies in the purpose specified under point 2.

4. Recipient and transfer to third countries
It is technically possible that your browser (e.g. because you access this website from outside the EU or for any other reason) may access a server from outside the EU. In such a case, data is sent directly from your browser to the respective country (North and South America, Asia, Australia). In this case, you agree to the transfer of your data to the USA and/or the country in which the respective server is located.

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