Managed Services

Managed Services

Managed Services are the link between Outsourcing and Solution Purchase. Our customer benefit significantly by reducing their cost through the integration of Scalehub services, such as data capture, double keying or OCR correction. At the same time their throughput and scalability of the entire production process are instantly and significantly increased. We provide contracted services with a guarantee of process time, quality and highest security standards.

Our charges are transparent & agile – they are on bases of actual transactions. Our experienced consultants, as well as our efficient integration tools assure a fast onboarding of your process to pre-defined cost.

Even if you already have invested in automation technology – no software today can provide 100% accuracy. This is where ScaleHub Managed Service comes in. We automate your data capture efforts after your OCR has done its magic.


Our crowd community provides (almost) unlimited capacity, whenever you need it.

Capturing hand-written or typed documents, classifying or verifying them, is possible within the shortest of times by utilising thousands of crowd workers. Processing speed, as well as quality (i.e. through double keying) is thus significantly improved.


Protecting your data is key to us. We only transfer the absolute minimum of required data to the cloud. Our infrastructure is based on on AWS (Amazon Web Services). It fulfils highest security standards. More information on AWS and Secuirty can be found here

Data for the crowd community is anonymized. For data capture documents are split in a way that crowd worker only work on small extracts (so called snippets). This way the document itself is not known to the crowd worker.


  • Scalable
  • 24/7
  • International reach
  • Plannable & optimized cost
  • Defined service levels (time, quality, volume)
  • Security through anonymization

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