One-touch binder solution

ScaleHub`s one-touch binder solution

Speed up your records management process and onboard new customers in no time. One-touch processing of your clients’ binders and automated data capture accelerate your entire process while ensuring data entry accuracy and full audibility.

ScaleHub’s one-touch binder solution supports the digital transformation of your business. It combines the power of mobile capture, optical character recognition (OCR) and smart data extraction using crowdsourcing technologies. By making use of an on-demand crowd workforce and our standardized, fully scalable data capture solution, it boosts the profitability of your records management service.

Your benefits

  • Shorter onboarding and cycle times
    Archive folders in weeks rather than months or years. Plus, thanks to templates, you can onboard new customers in no time at all.
  • Reduced costs
    Replace temporary staff with an on-demand crowd workforce, and save on staff, training, and hiring costs. Using a public crowd, you may save up to 50% of your labor costs.
  • On-demand workforce
    Taking on and handling huge physical archiving projects has never been so easy. With an on-demand workforce for data entry, you can scale your services as you go.
  • Guaranteed 99.9% accuracy
    By combining artificial and human intelligence, we guarantee 99.9% data accuracy.
  • Minimal integration effort
    You don’t need to change your systems. Our cloud-based solution reduces your IT investment to an absolute minimum.
  • Protection of sensitive information
    By providing only randomized, non-contextual snippets to the crowd, we ensure full security of sensitive data.

How it works

The binder backs are recorded with ScaleHub’s mobile capture app when they are still on the shelves at your client’s site. The barcodes on the binders as well as their designated box are scanned with a mobile barcode reader, and then the physical logistics process toward your storage facilities begins.

Simultaneously, the ScaleHub solution automatically separates the images taken by the mobile app into single binder backs, localizes the labels as well as the barcodes. The label data is either automatically extracted or randomized into non-contextual snippets and sent to the crowd. In the crowd, crowd workers enter and verify the data using a secure web browser. All data is linked back to the respective box and folder and is exported into your preferred archiving system. It is then readily available for your retrieval services, before your truck arrives at your storage facility.


Mobile capture app for records management

To give you the highest-possible image quality, even when there is only limited light or space, our mobile capture app uses video streams. It also runs a real-time OCR on the mobile device, facilitating the highest accuracy of data capture results.