Process prescriptions faster and more accurately

With ScaleHub’s automated prescription processing

Prescription processing has traditionally been slow and cumbersome, especially as many healthcare providers still write prescriptions by hand.

With ScaleHub’s automated prescription processing solution, high-volume online pharmacies and pharmacy data centers can automate their processes, ensuring supper accurate data.

Process prescriptions fast and with 99.x% accuracy – in line with privacy regulations, cost-efficiently, and punctually. We enable you to reduce errors, keep deadlines and, ultimately, optimize your profits.

Your benefits

On-demand workforce

Handling peaks has never been so easy. With on-demand access to crowd workers, you can scale your business as it grows.

Reduced costs, shortest setup and cycle times

Artificial intelligence + crowdsourcing technologies = faster and more accurate prescription processing at a lower cost.

Guaranteed 99.x% accuracy

By combining artificial and human intelligence, we guarantee unrivaled data accuracy.

Protection of sensitive information

By providing only snippets to the crowd and scrambling highly sensitive information, we ensure full privacy of personal data.

How it works

You decide how you want to share data with our ScaleHub portal, such as through SFTP, REST API calls or Dropbox.

For Rx forms or other prescription templates, the ScaleHub solution automatically classifies documents using our self-learning technology. Exceptions, such as unreadable or incomplete prescriptions, are routed to the crowd via a standard web-based workflow for manual verification.

Any potentially identifiable data—pharmacy or physician ID numbers, dates or any patient data like member or group ID numbers—are randomized into non-contextual snippets using artificial intelligence.

The solution then sends these snippets to the crowd, where they are verified by the crowd using a secure web browser. Lastly, the solution exports the processed data to your preferred location in the exact format needed for final processing.

ScaleHub complies with all data transmission regulations and guarantees the security of your data.

Prescription Processing

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