Tax forms solution

ScaleHub`s automated tax forms solution

Win customers while easily identifying and preventing tax fraud. It’s possible with an effective and highly efficient loan assessment process.

ScaleHub’s automated tax forms solution combines the power of artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and crowdsourcing technologies to enable you to process tax forms faster, more accurately and securely at a lower cost.

Your benefits

  • Reduced costs and cycle times
    The use of artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and crowdsourcing technologies enables you to process tax forms faster and more accurately at a lower cost.
  • On-demand workforce
    Handling peaks has never been so easy. With an on-demand workforce, you can scale your business as you go.
  • Guaranteed 99.9% accuracy
    By combining artificial and human intelligence, we guarantee 99.9% data accuracy.
  • No commitment
    You don’t need to change your systems. Simply share data and receive results in your preferred format. You only pay per page or field.
  • Protection of sensitive information
    By providing only snippets to the crowd and scrambling highly sensitive information, we ensure full security of personal data.

How it works

You decide how you want to share data with our ScaleHub portal (e.g. SFTP, REST API calls, Dropbox). Documents are classified automatically utilizing our self-learning technology. Exceptions, like unreadable or incomplete forms, are routed to a standard web-based, manual handling workflow. The data is randomized into non-contextual snippets. Highly sensitive information, like social security numbers, is scrambled for full security. The snippets are sent to the crowd, where they are verified using a secure web browser. All data is then exported into your preferred location in the exact format needed.



For enhanced authenticity, the ScaleHub solution comes with an option to verify tax returns. Data from the common IRS forms, such as 1040, W2 and Schedules, are matched against IRS transcripts to provide validation of authenticity.