the magic behind our solutions

For faster, more accurate, scalable data processing

Overcome any challenge to scaling your business. From document capture and data extraction in the cloud to image and video annotation for machine learning applications, ScaleHub combines the best of human work and automation for fast, error-free data processing at mass scale.

Our technology


Computer vision

Feed your machine-learning algorithms
with meticulously labeled data. Tackle
the tasks of labeling and annotating data
– quickly and with incredible accuracy.



Natural language processing

Your one-stop-shop for turning documents in any
form to actionable data. Digitize, classify, extract
and interpret text from any source and benefit
from readily available, accurate information.


Want to learn more and see
our technology in action?

Schedule a 30-minute demo with one of our experts: We’d love to show you how we can convert your documents and collected images and videos into accurate, actionable data.