convert text to actionable data

Faster, more accurate, scalable document processing

ScaleHub combines the best of human skill and ingenuity with proven automation tools. From advanced recognition to sentiment analysis, text classification and OCR transcription, we use the most up-to-date methods for converting text to actionable data—with incredible speed and accuracy.

Whether in the cloud, on-premise or deploying a combination of the two to tailor a document automation solution that’s right for your organization, scalability is key to everything we do.

Grow your business like never before with high availability that caters to processing high data volumes. Our automated crowdsourcing solutions are based on a fully scalable cloud-native platform. We utilize AWS technology to provide a truly scalable IT architecture. To ensure full scalability when it comes to process steps involving humans, such as manual keying and data validation, we help you tap into various public crowd communities. Crowdsourcing gives you the advantage of an on-demand workforce, which enables you to take scalability even further without compromising your SLAs.

Gaining unsurpassed

Self-learning data classification and
extraction hits the mark

Your data can achieve unsurpassed levels of accuracy, utilizing our content- and layout-based classification and a combination of the best OCR and ICR technologies to suit your needs. This best-of-breed approach enables optimal automation results.

Plus, our self-learning capabilities are further enhanced by the crowd, which we use to train machines even faster.

Ensuring full security
and compliance

AI-based image snippeting

By cutting documents into fields (called snippets) and bringing them out of context, we ensure full security and compliance. This enables you to continue offshore operations and operate in line with GDPR compliancy requirements.

Getting your process up
and running in no time

Automated cloud-based workflow engine

Processes are defined in our cloud-native platform, where you can simply combine classification and extraction components and connect to crowds.

This enables you to have a proof of concept (POC) up and running in a couple of hours or days instead of weeks.

Using your legacy

Ready to use plug-ins to leading
capture platforms

If you already have Vinna, XBOUND, eFlow or KTA/KC in place, you can simply ask for our managed services as an add-on. We provide ready-to-use plug-ins to the leading capture platforms.

From scanner to process
in no time

Plug-in integration into industrial scanners

With our integration into high-volume IBML scanners, you can send your scans directly into a workflow or the crowd via app, increasing process performance and significantly reducing cycle times.

Ensuring the best-
possible image quality

Mobile capture app with real-time OCR

To give you the highest-possible image quality, even with limited light or space, our mobile capture app uses video streams.

It also runs a real-time OCR on the mobile device, facilitating the most-accurate capture results.

Want to learn more and see
our technology in action?

Schedule a 30-minute demo with one of our experts: We’d love to show you how we can help make your processes lean and super flexible.